2023 Insider hint 1:

Submit your abstract, as poster presentation

The abstract deadline is May 15, 2023!!

Present your work as a poster : there are opportunities for sharing your work! Your poster will be on display in the common room. Your contact details and special messages can be included.

In scheduled sessions each poster presenter will host a 5-minute q&a session. English and Japanese presentations are welcomed.

ISJKM plans to offer QR code recognition to enhance the poster experience.  

  • What topics are most likely to be accepted by the scientific organizing committee of ISJKM?

Kampo herbal treatment or diagnostic processes must be the focus of the presentation. Japanese Kampo practitioners prefer practical work and case studies- papers on theory, or discussions are less interesting to an international audience.

Users of Kampo offer successful poster on topics such abdominal & tactile processes, visual findings, use of formula.

My favorite posters from past symposiums:

  • Use of kampo extracts in emergency situations, tsunami, earthquakes;
  • bladder infections in children;
  • making our own ointments;
  • how to codify the tactile findings;
  • puzzling cases of gastric pain;
  • kampo in hospice care;
  • and all clinical studies