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  • 2023 Insider hint 2 : budget ideas
    Cut your cost, by advance planning KampoUK knows that International Symposiums can be pricey; travel, meals & attendance fees add up. Here’s the insider tips for learning, networking and being “in the know” at ISJKM’s 2023 Symposium in Oxford. Back packer hostels : centralbackpackers.co.uk Youth hostels : Yha Oxford oxford.cylex-uk.co.uk https://www.tickettailor.com/events/internationalsocietyforjapanesekampomedicine/835264 KampoUK welcomes practitioner contributions and encourages international links among Kampo enthusiasts! Consider making time to absorb the atmosphere of learning and excellence that abounds in Oxford and at Christ Church College.
  • 2023 Insider hint 1:
    Submit your abstract, as poster presentation The abstract deadline is May 15, 2023!! Present your work as a poster : there are opportunities for sharing your work! Your poster will be on display in the common room. Your contact details and special messages can be included. In scheduled sessions each poster presenter will host a 5-minute q&a session. English and Japanese presentations are welcomed. ISJKM plans to offer QR code recognition to enhance the poster experience.   Kampo herbal treatment or diagnostic processes must be the focus of the presentation. Japanese Kampo practitioners prefer practical work and case studies- papers …
  • Welcome to our
    6th International Symposium for Japanese Kampo Medicine Christ Church College, Oxford University, OX1 1DP Fri 22 Sep 2023 11:00 AM – Sat 23 Sep 2023 6:00 PM BST In collaboration with the International Society of Japanese Kampo Medicine (ISJKM) For tickets: and accommodation: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/internationalsocietyforjapanesekampomedicine/835264 Deadline for abstracts May 15, 2023 Submit your abstract -for a presentation or poster – via email to: mail@isjkm.com Visit KampoUK for upcoming posts and “insider information”
  • Webinar: Kampo for Post-Covid Syndrome (PCS)
    Webinar series on treating of long-haul or post-covid syndrome. There are four webinars to be broadcast live.
  • Kampo and COVID-19, updates from Japan and Brazil
    Our Kampo colleague Kazusei Akiyama, MD in São Paulo City urges us in the West to  earnestly share  our experiences of treating the current pandemic (Kazusei Akiyama is interviewed in our section “Ask a Kampo Doctor”).  Here is his message from 1 August 2020: Hello from Brazil, the country of COVID-19! Here in Brazil, we have a daily average of more than 1000 deaths by COVID-19 for 7 consecutive weeks (91.607 deaths until today). At the São Paulo City, were I live, the situation is stable, the R(t) is about 1, so no case increase but no decrease. As the …
  • Post 5 : The Sensory Illness
    Post 5 : (This Post is from the series,   30 March 2020 “Practitioner Update from London”. For complete understanding begin with the 30 March Post  and consult each Post in consecutive order) The Sensory Illness The Hidden Stage The Subjective illness From early-April 2020 medical analysis on Covid-19 patients report three symptoms: loss of appetite, loss of smell, and lethargy. These three are now among the 12 symptoms which epidemiologists list as key indicators (mid- April), also included is  “mental confusion”.   These are sensory complaints – neurological symptoms – described by the patient as sensory, and difficult to substantiate clinically. …
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