David Kelsey, a practitioner’s point of view

I have been practicing Acupuncture since 1998 and Tradition Chinese Herbal medicine since 2004. I also spent six weeks in Kunming China as part of my post graduate acupuncture training. I practice from a GP’s clinic in Haverhill Suffolk, a Health and Fitness Center in Cambridge and from my home in the centre of Cambridge. (see photo’s)

In 2011 I embarked on a 40 week Apprentice style training in Kampo medicine (Japanese Herbal medicine). I chose this course as I was not convinced that TCM herbal formula’s were as clinically succinct as I wanted. TCM formula’s are adjusted to meet the needs of the patients symptoms to the extent that the original formula is unrecognisable and therefore very difficult to research in any controlled form. Formulas are complex and to be proficient one needs to specialise in a particular field of medicine.
In contrast Kampo formulas are fixed (although there are some exceptions) at a lower and set dosage. They are therefore more widely researched and have a clinical efficacy. There are some 150 Kampo formulas used in Japan that are accepted by their National Health Service. Also as an Acupuncturist my practice is generic and Kampo suits my style of practice and adds another string to my clinical practice.


David Kelsey

48 Victoria Park, Cambridge, CB4 3EL
Tel: 07770 725 712

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