Post 4 : Fullness Accumulating in the Gut

Post 4: (This Post is from the series,   30 March 2020 “Practitioner Update from London”. For complete understanding begin with the 30 March Post  and consult each Post in consecutive order)

There is strong discomfort, and fullness in the abdomen. The abdominal fullness creates pressure on the diaphragm, compressing the lungs and heart. These complaints originate inside the abdominal cavity, because of  waste products accumulating in the gut. Both liquid and solid wastes become difficult to excrete.

The cause of the illness moving inwards is dryness in the earlier stage of illness (see Post 2 & Post 3) –  due to sweating, lack of appetite, or eating foods which are astringent, or are over-stimulating. Astringent culinary herbs may “kill a virus on contact”, but that mechanism is not useful when the viral activity is no longer primarily on the surface.

The corona-virus becomes a serious health condition when it attaches to the lung – it is not yet understood how viral activity affects the deeper organs. Typically flu viruses move through the body exploiting preexisting weakness. Sensing this, the immune response is to seek to excrete, making strong abdominal movements which accelerate the discomfort. Despite reports of an active virus passing into the sewer system – the corona virus is not reported to damage the gut.

This is the “detox stage” referenced in natural therapies.  What needs to be detoxed – excreted – are solid waste products. This is not an energetic, ki 気 accumulation – it is substance.  If your patient has no solid mass to excrete, then move to Post 5.

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