The Kampo Apprentice Course 2018, London UK

Kampo Textbook
Kampo Textbook
Fukushin – Abdominal Diagnosis
Kampo Pharmacy
Kampo Pharmacy









The Kampo – Japanese Herbal Medicine Apprentice Course starts in January 2018 in London UK.
Upon successful completion of the course, a postgraduate certificate is awarded.

The course is taught by a Kampo specialist – Gretchen De Soriano.

This is one of the only few Kampo courses taught in English in the whole world.  Also it is an
apprentice course and each lesson consists of diagnostic-themed lecture and clinical practice on patients.
Maximum 6 students are accepted in the course.

Please click here for more details and how to apply.

Here are Gretchen’s interviews talking about Kampo!

[Gretchen De Soriano – Two Different Kinds of Thinking on Diagnosis]

[Gretchen De Soriano – Abdominal Diagnosis in Kampo]

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