Rehmannia six formula

Lower backache

Lower Backache

Lower backache is not only caused by working at a desk in front of a computer for long time. We often see a tendency to a relation between over-consumption of water among people having lower backache. Rehmannia six formula would be an example of treating this condition.


Rehmannia six formula

San shu yu

Cornus (San shu yu) warms the liver; strengthens the kidneys.

San yaku

Dioscorea (San yaku) nourishes the spleen; strengthens the kidneys.

Taku sha

Alisma (Taku sha) is both diuretic and tonic for the ear and eyes.

Buku ryoh

Hoelen (Buku ryoh) increases the flow of urine; reduces swelling; removes moist heat of the spleen.

Bo tan pi

Moutan (Bo tan pi) cools the blood; relieves heat.

Ji oh

Rehmannia (Ji oh) is a tonic for the kidneys; increases kidneys’ blood volume.

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