Tang-kuei and peony formula



In Kampo’s point of view, accumulation of water in your abdomen interrupts body metabolism and eventually attributes to the causes of acne such as poor hormonal balance. This can be said for both men and women. Tang-kuei and peony formula is an example of treating this condition.


Tang-kuei and peony formula

Toh ki

Tang-kuei (Toh ki) synthesizes the actions of the herbs and eases pain.

Syaku yaku

Peony (Syaku yaku) regulates muscle; eliminates blood stagnation.

Buku ryoh

Hoelen (Buku ryoh) dispels inner fluid accumulation; is compatible with White Atractylodes and Alisma.

Byaku jyutsu

White Atractylodes (Byaku Jyutsu) is a diuretic.

Sen kyuh

Cnidium (Sen kyuh) increases vitality; nourishes the blood.

Taku sha

Alisma (Taku sha) cures thirst; stimulates urination.

See clinical evidence

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